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For years now, builders and developers have had the issue of theft from their sites, as they have no choice but to have products delivered to these sites when unattended. This is a shopping haven for thieves stealing anything not tied down, from timber and tiles to window and doors, this is a huge inconvenience to the builder. It is not only the cost of the replacement but the delays it represents in replacing stolen items.


ICU Solarcam works on an advanced trigger logic that uses an IF THIS THEN THAT rule engine to help protect the site after hours and notify the monitoring station immediately once an intruder is detected on the property.


The monitoring station instantly receives High Res images with a 10-second video clip of the incident. A live video and audio feed from the camera can then be monitored remotely and track the movement of intruders to either ensure they are no longer onsite or to pinpoint their exact location and physical description.

The ICU system is very visual as you can see from the above image, this in its self works as a deterrent to any would be thieves. 

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