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Any Camera, Any Device, Any Time

V2.5.2 Our most intelligent yet

Our new V2.5.2  has seen improvements in processing power and ease of installation we have learned a lot of the earlier versions and improved greatly on the reliability and the communication between the edge computing and our OneTouch cloud server AI

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ICU Solarcam is forever evolving and is very versatile to suit any condition required.

ICU Solarcam is not just a glorified IP camera plugged into a battery, charged by a solar panel, it is much more than that. The team at ICU Solarcam has invested heavily in designing our own hardware and more importantly our Cloud-based software we have named One-Touch© with this powerful software we can fully integrate our cloud-based system with any API capable business-grade software system like Xero for accounting and ClickHomes for construction, so we can process real-time updates. For example, One-Touch© can integrate with Xero accounting platform to automatically raise an invoice for Hire renewals, it also integrates with many monitoring companies platforms to send not only the video file but also Contact ID, this is a very robust way of sending alarm alerts to monitoring stations fast and effectively. Our One-Touch©  platform can easily integrate into any software your company uses as long as your programs have API capability. 

Below are images of our One-Touch© Monitoring interface. The look and feel of the screen and functions can be customisable to suit any platform. 

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With the fast-moving pace of technology, R&D has to be one of the most important parts of any business.

To stay ahead on the game, you cannot just copy you need to invent.

Not every invention or solution works every time but without fail, you cannot have success.


The big leap forward in AI (Artificial Technology) has helped the ICU developers gain a lot of traction over the past 12 months.

The metadata gathered from a single video stream can give you more information than a team of engineers watching video feeds to understand if a particular video stream should be considered as an alarm or not.  


Having a product that is not physically connected to any hard wiring and is also very dependent on battery power for its operation, we knew that the power source has to be reliable and that it is capable of delivering the power required for the system to run uninterrupted and without fault or failure for many years.

What we noticed during our R&D testing was that there were many reasons why a battery Cell would not withstand the testing requirements and failed. We managed to find some solutions to prolong the battery life and to have it work efficiently. Some of the solutions were as simple as monitoring the battery temperature. One important lesson we learnt was that it's not all about how much power we can generate and store, it also has to consider managing your usage; we are continually updating our  One- Touch© Software platform to give our system its own knowledge base so it can react accordingly to its current situation and environment independently, and without Human intervention.

Our ICU Team are continually testing our ICU hardware and our One-Touch software by pushing them to the extream in a variety of environments. We have deployed prototypes across the states to gather information from a large spectrum across many different environments.

This information is invaluable to the team, there are many components of the ICU product and it must withstand the harsh environment they will be deployed in, not only in Australia but across the Globe where the systems will be used. 

solar panel.jpg
AI Brain.jpg

Most would call this AI (Artificial Intelligence). We are far from the system coming up with its own ideas but who knows, with the speed of technology being developed who knows where we will be in the coming years.

However, with our One Touch© software system and our continued research and development, we are advancing daily, we should have our Ont-Touch© system make its own decisions on power consumption and shut down non-essential sections of its operation to ensure critical parts of the system are not interrupted this gives us the security knowing that ICU Solarcam can deliver the results you are looking for, and can also adapt to any situation and environment. 

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