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Have you ever wanted to view remote sites without having to travel long distances?


For example, remote access livestock areas or waterway, or your expensive earth moving equipment left out on remote sites.


With ICU Solarcam you can do just that, using 3G/4G technology for communications and the power from the sun you could have a system set up in almost any location, allowing you to view, listen & control any site you have from any location.


With ideas and requests coming from all parts of the market we will soon launch with an add on module that will give you several dry contact closure  I/O's.


With this, you will be able to control anything from gates to feeder units and waterways remotely.


The advanced technology being used in each ICU Solarcam system is saving tens of thousands of dollars for our customers. You can see one of a few cameras deployed at schools to protect them from break-ins, trespassers, and graffiti.

Since the deployment of this technology in schoolyards it had stopped trespassers entering the property and causing damage but still allows kids who do enter play on the oval and use the basketball courts for example.

After hours at night and weekends when the alarm is triggered you can rest assured there is a guard watching live your every move, they can visually see if its kids playing on the basketball court or are mischievous and trying to cause damage.

The guards can log in and live view at any time once the alarm has been triggered to keep an eye out on things.

This is much faster and much more efficient than sending a patrol car out to the site that drives by, not to mention the cost-saving of not having to pay for a patrol car to drive past.  And best of all its instant, no delay no wait time.

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