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With the rising cost of labour, staff shortages, increased theft, see how ICU can help your business.

The ability to see in complete darkness is crucial for an effective CCTV

The ability to view location remotely can greatly improve your productivity & safety with any type of business if you are a developer or protecting public parks & gardens.
Our team at ICU Solarcam can help design the right product for the job. 
All our cameras report back to a Grade 1 control room live 24hr Monitoring. 

Why Self Monitoring does not work

The time's, people attempt to enter your site, most likely you will be sleeping. That's why leave it to the professionals to watch and act on your behalf. 
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No Gimmicks Just Results

What our customers are saying about ICU Solarcam.

"This reduction in theft has a major impact on our profitability"

Mark D

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