Rock solid, reliable and proven remote video monitoring to protect your assets and infrastructure from theft, damage and to protect from intruders. We have crafted the industry leading integrated video monitoring platform bringing together our cameras, electronics, management systems and 24×7 Back to Base monitoring to deliver an unparalleled service.

Product Features

  • ¬†Reduced false alarms
  • Self-heal & alert
  • Intelligent operation
  • Easy communication


  • Built-in cellular 4G LTE modem
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity
  • Built-in controller board
  • Built-in AI health monitor
  • 5-megapixel with 2.8mm lens option
  • 5 days & more of NVR recording
  • API controlled
  • Integrated smart battery
  • Intelligent solar charging

What's Included

  • Installation of your camera
  • Set up and configuration within our systems
  • Our Camview app for live views, videos and images
  • 24×7 back to base monitoring
  • Service and support for your cameras
  • GPS Geolocation of your cameras
  • Removal at the end of the rental period


Solarcam’s alarm system is designed to trigger exclusively when it detects a person or vehicle, effectively disregarding any other alterations. Additionally, it possesses the capability to accurately count individuals entering the property, as well as identify faces and loitering.


  • 5 Megapixel Camera

    A high-quality image allows for a more detailed picture & playback.

  • Infrared Night Vision

    Our camera includes infrared night vision to ensure dark footage is clear.

  • HD Recording

    Records in HD for up to 6 – 15 days.

  • Full Duplex Communication

    Back to base monitoring ensures crystal-clear communication between staff and the site.

  • CamView

    Remotely view your monitored site live from your personal devices.

  • 24x7 Monitoring

    Back to base monitoring means staff analyse all footage and will alert the authorities when necessary.

  • Solar Powered

    Years of development has meant ICU only uses solar for its power source.

  • Reliable Power Source

    Our proven track record confirms this system can run uninterrupted for years without presenting any faults.

  • Renewable Source of Power

    Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves air quality & reduces water use.


Our integrated end-to-end systems work to automate and manage many of the control, administration and operational tasks. By doing this, we can guarantee your cameras are online and monitoring your property.

ICU Solarcam Footage


ICU Solarcam service a variety of industries, including government bodies and schools. View actual alarm footage to see how our innovative technology has stopped potential theft and vandalism.