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When our team designs new technology for our cameras, they are always mindful of our current clients and resellers who already have many systems in the field. This is why we always build backwards compatible products so no one has to purchase a new system to take advantage of the new technology we continue to develop & produce.

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All four options integrate directly with our OneTouch software making set up a breeze. 

Two-Way Audio

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Monitoring staff will be able to talk directly to persons on-site. A call button has also been added, and this can be activated or deactivated remotely if required. If pressed, the live video view from the camera above & details of the location will appear at the monitoring station to action and communicate directly with a full-duplex voice call with the site.

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Two-Way Audio
One-way Video

Our video version has the added benefit of having a HD camera at head height, in the scenario of audio-only the camera view does not see below. This is perfect if you require facial recognition or seeing and recording peoples ID.

Two-Way Audio
Two-way Video

Our Two-way Audio and Video version also have a hearing loop added.  This is more of a stand-alone unit designed for remote areas where assistance may be required for example golf course or park. Having a two-way video call in an emergency could assist the person visually.  

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Our ICU Fog cannon is miles apart from others, our centralised OneTouch software can manage thousands of systems at once and monitor fluid & power levels. Utilising some of the technology from our ICU camera systems our fog cannon can report back to monitoring audio and video recording of the event with the built-in camera and microphone. The backup battery the system can operate for up to 4 hours with no AC power is more than any other system on the market.

Fog Cannon