Our new Range of ICU Cameras

Model: ICU-5MS

Our new model will be launching soon to the trade and ready for sale early 2021. We are excited with this new models capability, and especially the set of features we are including standard in this range. Not only will it have the most up to date AI firmware on both the Edge and in our One-Touch Cloud, but It will also have built-in over the air update capabilities so your system will always have the latest firmware so the technology you purchased today will never be out of date tomorrow and be left behind.


Some key features are the cristal clear 5 Megapixel images and HD video, also the ability to remotely record and send messages to be played on-site on activations or during scheduled times.

There are many more features that will be included in this model and we look forward to sharing them with you all soon.   



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AI What does it mean?

And how will it change the way we see things!

Artificial Intelligence is, undeniably, one of the most important inventions in history.

So how does it work and how will it help us?

Our Team at ICU have been tinkering with the idea of having AI determine what is an alarm and what is not. Our OneTouch software developers have been teaching our Cloud-based & our edge platform AI for many months now by feeding the software tens of thousands of images to teach our AI the difference between the images and what markers it should be looking for in the image or video.

You can see in the below Screenshot of our OneTouch software we are getting closer. Our AI has processed the image and had determined two Person in the image with a 99% accuracy and has also picked up two vehicles with a 97% accuracy. With this continued R&D development into our AI, we hope to have our ICU cameras deployed across the country and used in not only for worksites to reduce theft but to also quickly find a person or vehicle. Our OneTouch software will be able to process hundreds and thousands of images within seconds. With this type of speed in mind, we would be able to find a person or a vehicle by looking through thousands of images and videos withing seconds to determine the path they had taken and last location.

One touchAI screen shot mod.png